Hello!  I’m Maddie Comtois, and this website is where I will try to post updates on my first year of college at Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland.  So many friends and family have asked to me keep in touch with them about my time in Ireland, so I have decided to start this blog to share my experiences and adventures.

The program (major) I will be working towards during my time in Ireland is called Computer Science and Language.  This major is made up of 50% computer science, 25% foreign language, and 25% computational linguistics.  My language of focus for this program is French (choice between French, German, and Irish), and I will be studying this along with computer science and linguistics classes.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am really passionate about these different academic disciplines, so I’m super excited to start classes and combine these different fields into one study.  As a requirement for the language aspect of the program, I will be spending my junior sophister year (3rd year) abroad, most likely either in France or Belgium, as my language focus is French.  Can’t wait to see what else my time at Trinity brings!

I am going to miss everyone back at home, and I want to thank everyone for inspiring and encouraging me to take this next chapter in my academic career and in my life.  I hope this blog will be a good source of updates; this is new for me, and I’m still getting the hang of how it works, but I want to be able to keep in touch.  Feel free to subscribe or email me, and I will try my hardest to periodically update this bog with my experiences.  I miss you all and wish you the best!