Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a good holiday; I certainly enjoyed the four day weekend (even though this is our last week of classes 🙂 ).  And of course I have to talk about the weather, cause I always do. It’s mostly been rain, what a surprise! The weather app on my phone for some reason began giving me notifications for when it was supposed to rain.  I had to quickly turn that off because I would get them all day long!

Things are starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean we have nothing to do.  We’ve got loads of exams coming for us in the next month, and some are even happening this month.  I had my French aural exam last week, which I think went well. We had to watch a news clip and answer questions about Emmanuel Macron’s election.  The scary part was that the exam was worth 50% of our mark for that module, and the exam only had ten questions, so each question we answered was worth 5% of our overall mark.  Super scary!  I guess we’ll have to see how it went.  The other half of that module is made up of our oral exam, which is a week from tomorrow.  For that exam we have to give a five minute presentation (in French) about some political topic that we don’t know of yet.  Then there is ten minutes of questioning and answering. I’ll definitely be using Frenchy’s help a lot this week.

But life hasn’t been just all academics.  Last week Trinity hosted a Holi festival, which is an Indian festival that celebrates the end of winter.  During this festival it’s tradition to throw coloured chalk at each other. One of my school friends (who is Indian) asked us all to come celebrate with her; so we spent one rainy afternoon in the front square throwing chalk at each other.  It was so much fun! Except when you got it in your eyes and mouth. Everyone’s teeth were every colour of the rainbow that day. Thankfully I didn’t have anymore classes that day, but some of my friends had to spend a good amount of time in the bathroom trying to wipe the chalk off of their faces.  One of my flatmates was there too, and our appearance startled a bunch of people on the tram on the way home. 

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That weekend we had Hall Ball, which was a dance for the students at Trinity Hall (where I live).  It was a masquerade ball, which was kind of fun, even though most everyone ended up taking off their masks anyway.  The girls in my apartment and I all went together as a group. Thankfully my Irish flatmates have lots of dresses from previous years and debs (which is like their prom), so Frenchy and I got our pick of dresses and accessories to wear.  It’s very nice to be able to share things for formal events, and it helps us all save money.  Frenchy ended up wearing one of my prom dresses for the night, and I borrowed one from my Irish flatmate.  It was a fun night for us to all go out together.  Sadly one of our flatmates wasn’t there because she has been gone for several weeks (and several more to go), since she is in placement in Cork. Placement is kind of like an internship.  She’s studying radiation therapy, and the last few weeks the students have to work in a hospital, so she’s been gone for a while.  It doesn’t feel the same without her when we’re all together!  But she’ll be back for exams, so we’ll get to see her again.

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Last week my flatmates and I had a pizza movie night, cause even though we live in the same flat we still always feel like we need to do stuff together.  We wanted to watch a scary movie, so we watched Get Out, which I thought was actually really good.  Some of my flatmates were freaked out though so we had to watch some funny tv shows afterwards to lighten the mood.  

And finally, Frenchy, and my American friends and I had a fun Easter celebration yesterday!  I made an Easter bread, which we ate while colouring eggs.  The eggs here are all brown, so the colour didn’t stand out as much as it usually does on white eggs.  We also ate chocolate eggs, which here are ginormous. There are so many different kinds, like Cadbury, Dairy Milk, Aero, other Irish chocolate etc, but they are at least five inches tall.  It’s a lot of chocolate, but it’s also kind of fun to unwrap such a giant chocolate egg.  One of my friends ended up hiding eggs for us to find, just for fun.  It didn’t take long in our tiny kitchen/living room, but it was still fun just the same.  We ended up watching more movies (my projector is definitely getting its use) and playing games.  At one point I was practicing French on an app (which is something we all end of up doing with various languages at some point) and I was doing a lesson on food from Brittany, which is where Frenchy is from.  Frenchy was playing Mario games on her Nintendo DS from across the room, but she could still somehow here the vocab and would have her own commentary on my lessons, pretty much saying how much she wanted that particular dish at the moment or how her dad would cook it, or she would make fun of the voices in the dialogue exercises.  She could be pretty funny, but it was also nice to hear her cultural input and experiences on certain things.

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Now we’ve got lots to prepare for our last week of classes.  Even though we can get tired of the rain, it’s kind of nice to make a cup of tea and study by the window.  There’s going to be lots of that coming up! Hope everyone had a great holiday; we’re getting to that final stretch!


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I love waking up and seeing you’ve made a new blog entry. 🙂 What a fun week it looks like you had! I know Gracie was sad to miss the Holi festival, but at least it finally happened. Your Easter bread turned out lovely! Did it have nuts and fruits or chocolate chips? Seems like you’re so close to finishing up your first year, but we sill won’t see you for two more months! I hope you get the chance to travel a little before you come home for the summer. I think Spain should be on your short list! Good luck getting your classes wrapped up, and keep drinking that tea and studying. I know the days will fly by very quickly! Love you much! –Mom ❤

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    • The recipe called for coloured eggs, like the one you make every year, but I was too lazy and cheap to do that, so instead I bought some mixed dry fruit to put in the batter instead. It turned out great though, everyone inhaled it! Love you too, can’t wait to see you this summer 🙂


  2. Well Maddie, we know how extremely intense you always are about your academic education, it is so much fun for us to read about the other parts of your “educatiom.” Keep blogging !! We love you. PawPaw & Nana.

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  3. Keep on bloggin’, my dear:). So nice to read how your life is unfolding. BTW, I had a really fun visit with Gracie on Saturday. The family got together to help celebrate Matthew’s birthday. Gracie filled me in on her (and Lillian’s) trip there. I’m so excited for her to get to experience the life of a very different educational experience, as you are doing. Good luck on your upcoming week and your exams in the near future. Hopefully, we can spend a little time together this summer when you come home.
    Love and blessings,

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