Just a few days left!

Summer is finally coming to an end for me, bringing both sadness and excitement as I get ready for my upcoming trip to Dublin.  I leave on Friday, and even though it seems like I would be extremely busy these next few days getting stuff to take with me, there honestly has not been a huge amount of prep work for this trip.  Since I am flying overseas, there is not a lot I can take with me in regard to dorm room necessities, school supplies, kitchen equipment, etc., so I will be doing a lot of my shopping once I arrive in Dublin.  I did manage however to drag my lazy shopping self to a few stores and find some sweaters/warm clothes to take with me, since Dublin weather will probably be a shock compare to this Texas heat.  Unfortunately, my collection of rain gear is from limited to none, so let’s hope there are clear skies for the first days of my arrival until I can figure out what sort of water repellent garments I will need.  

I’ll get to pick up my room key and see my dorm for the first time on Saturday.  I will be living in Trinity Hall, which is the accommodation for most international and first year students.  Trinity Hall is about five kilometers from the school, and it is set up to apartment-style living.  I will be sharing an apartment with somewhere around three to five other other students.  We have a living room and a kitchen, which I am super excited about.  Since Trinity doesn’t have a meal plan for its students, we are in charge of finding our own food.  I like this set-up much better, since I can cook my own food and not feel compelled to use up food credits or be restricted to what a meal plan would have.  Unfortunately, that does mean I need to find cooking supplies and equipment when I get to Dublin, since the rooms only have basic appliances.  

There is so much left for me to learn this month once I land in Dublin!  Starting Monday I will be participating in a week-long Smart Start Program, which is a program designed for international students coming to Trinity.  We will be learning about the history and culture of Ireland and Dublin, how to live and get around in modern day Dublin, and we will be going on a couple field trips throughout the week.  This will be a great way for me to learn more about the city and to meet other students I will be going to school with.  The following week is called Fresher’s Week, aka orientation.  And finally the week after that I will be starting my classes.  So much to do, and it’s coming so fast!  Until next time 🙂


6 thoughts on “Just a few days left!

  1. Our very best to you Maddie, we are so excited about your adventures!
    Study hard but don’t forget to mix in some fun, you have such a special opportunity!

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